Carbide Drill – AD・ADO

Superior point strength with low cutting force are achieved to accommodate a wide range of carbide drilling application.EgiAs coating constructed with extreme toughness, high wear and heat resistance characteristics to ensure stable and consistent tool life.

  1. EgiAs coating for exceptional wear resistance and toughnessOptimum specifications for every drilling depth
  2. 2D・3D・4D・5D・8D
    ・Wide flute room facilitates stable chip evacuation ・Wavy point form breaks chip into small manageable pieces
  3. 8D・10D・15D・20D・25D・30D
    ・M (Middle) margin improves stability in deep-hole applications


Low Carbon Steel・Medium Carbon Steel・High Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Hardened Steel・Quenched and Tempered Steel(45~50HRC)・Stainless Steel・Tool Steel・Cast Iron・Ductile Cast Iron・Copper Alloy・Aluminum Alloy Casting・Titanium Alloy・Inconel・Magnesium AlloyLineup

Carbide DrillAD-2D φ2~φ20AD-4D φ2~φ20Carbide Drill with Oil HoleADO-3D φ2~φ20ADO-5D φ2~φ20ADO-8D φ3~φ16ADO-10D φ2~φ12.5ADO-15D φ3~φ12.5ADO-20D φ3~φ12.5ADO-25D φ3~φ12ADO-30D φ3~φ10Pilot DrillPilot Drill for Extra Long Drill(ADO-PLT) φ3.03~φ12.03 Long tool life can be achieved even at high feed rate with OSG’s EgiAs coating


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Product Name : Carbide Drill – AD・ADO