PCD endmill

An end mill that employs a diamond sintered body (PCD) for the cutting edge.
This tool lasts 10 times or more longer than carbide tools to provide consistent cutting performance.

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The employment of diamond has improved the tool life significantly.

This tool improves the efficiency of machining of not only planes, but also free curved surface and grooving. The ball-type shape that is required to have severe sphericity and the tap shape used for contouring are also available.



  • The employment of diamond has improved the tool life significantly. The tool design unique to diamond enables high-speed cutting. This tool ensures consistent machining when emulsion water-soluble cutting fluid is used.


Non-ferrous metal parts such as automotive aluminum parts, engine valve guide holes, resin molded parts, aluminum die-cast alloys and spectacle lenses


  • Automobile/transportation equipment
  • Optical/precision equipment
  • Semiconductor/electronics、Machine/tool
  • Others

Work Material

  • Nonferrous metal material
  • Glass/ceramics
  • Magnetic material
  • Composite material
  • Semiconductor material
  • Resin/rubber
  • Others

Processing Method

  • Hole/milling
  • Others


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Product Name : PCD endmill