The F-200iB is a six degrees of freedom servo-driven parallel link robot designed for use in a variety of manufacturing and automotive assembly processes. The F-200iB is engineered for applications requiring extreme rigidity and exceptional repeatability in a compact, powerful package.

Suitable for light to medium material handing processes, the FANUC F-200iB robot has six degrees of freedom with servo driven parallel linking. The FANUC F200iB RJ3iB is engineered in a compact package for applications requiring extreme rigidity and exceptional repeatability. The FANUC F 200iB RJ3iB is capable of a wide variety of material handling tasks.The FANUC F-200iB reduces tooling and build costs, has a simpler design, is low-maintenance, has the ability to reprogram for fast and cost-effective model changeovers, has fail-safe brakes on each leg, and makes it possible to perform more welds per station; reducing the number of stations per system.There are also used FANUC F-200iB available at RobotWorx. Every reconditioned F-200iB has gone through a very rigorous refurbishment process, making it like new! All used robots purchased from RobotWorx comes with the RobotWorx Value Package. Whether new or used, the FANUC F-200iB from RobotWorx is sure to get the job done and bring success to your production line!


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Product Name : ROBOTICS F-200IB