Turning Tools – Ultra-Precision UPC-F

UPC-F  series


A tool ideal for high efficiency and ultra-precision cutting of planes and cylinders.
An ultra-precision cutting tool that significantly reduces or eliminates the time for running-in.

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Exhibits excellence in high efficiency and ultra-precision cutting of planes and cylinders.

The running-in time has been reduced significantly or eliminated.
The roundness (sharpness) of the cutting edge ridge can be set according to workpiece materials and cutting conditions to produce uniform high quality surfaces.



Good burnishing effect can be achieved and highly efficient mirror finishing is possible. Our original ultra-precision polishing technology has realized very sharp cutting edges.


Laser reflection mirrors, polygon mirrors, copier photosensitive drums, plane and cylindrical mirror finishing


  • Optical/precision equipment
  • semiconductor/electronics
  • others

Work Material

  • Nonferrous metal material
  • Cemented carbide/cermet
  • Glass/ceramics
  • Semiconductor material
  • Resin/rubber
  • Others

Processing Method

  • Turning
  • Others


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Product Name : Turning Tools – Ultra-Precision UPC-F