X Performer Forming Tap – XPF

The XPF represents a new evolution in forming tap technology. This series is engineered to generate up to 50% less torque versus other forming taps, making it feasible to tap materials up to 35 HRC and sizes up to M45 in diameter.


  1. Low-torque design for longer life at faster speeds.
  2. V-Coating for extreme wear resistance.
    • Excels in materials up to 35 HRC.
    • Sizes available up to M45 for threading of large parts.
    • New generation synchronized tap holder designed to maximize the performance of your XPF tools.



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Low Carbon Steel・Medium Carbon Steel・High Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Hardened Steel(25~35HRC)・Cast Steel・Copper・Brass・Brass Casting・Aluminum Rolled・Aluminum Alloy Casting・Zinc Alloy Casting Lineup
  • Basic form (S-XPF) M1~M45
  • Coolant-Fed (OIL-S-XPF) M6~M16
  • Long shank (LT-S-XPF) M3~M12
Forming taps are even for 35HRC


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Product Name : X Performer Forming Tap – XPF