Black Granite Surface Plates SERIES 517

  • Natural granite is free from deterioration or dimensional change over time.
  • Granite surface plates have significant advantages over cast iron surface plates: Twice as hard as cast iron. Non-magnetic. Low thermal expansion.
  • Free from wringing, so there is no interruption of work.
  • Free from burrs or protrusions because of the fine grain structure and insignificant stickiness; this ensures a high degree of flatness over a long service life and causes no damage to workpieces or instruments.
  • Use these plates in a stable temperature environment. Since flatness error occurs when there is a temperature difference between the working surface and the underside, avoid working in direct sunlight. Also, do not place a plate in the vicinity of an air conditioner, etc. (Recommended environment: Temperature 20±1 °C, Humidity 58±2 %)


Product Name : Black Granite Surface Plates SERIES 517