Electroplated wheel – for magnetic material grinding



This wheel offers excellent shape retention performance and good sharpness in form grinding of magnetic materials. Form grinding can be performed efficiently since truing/dressing on a machine is not required.

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Achieved high efficiency and high precision total shape grinding

This is a high precision electroplated wheel realized by our original precision electrodeposition technology and shows excellent shape retention performance and long-lasting sharpness in form grinding. Since truing/dressing on a machine is not required, high precision and high efficiency form grinding is possible.



  • The grinding resistance in the beginning of grinding can be reduced significantly. Our original plating technology and truing technology ensure high precision form grinding. The longer life helps reduce tooling cost.


  • High efficient total shape processing of magnetic material, carbide, ceramics, etc.



  • Semiconductor/electronics
  • machine/tool


Work Material

  • Magnetic material
  • glass/ceramics


Processing Method

  • Surface grinding
  • cylindrical grinding
  • and other grinding