Signal Indicators (TRI-METRON)

These signal indicators that incorporate electrical contacts into micro indicators can separate measurement statuses into three or five levels and output corresponding signals. They are widely used in production lines for automobile engines and bearings, not to mention production lines for watches, and show their true worth in the automation of inspections/sorting.

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TRI-METRON [1S Series]
1S-100LP / 1S-010LP / 1S-100 / 1S-010 / 1S-010FIS

  • Smaller size :
  • Because of the small size, the indicator can be installed in narrower space
  • Durability :
  • Ball sliding adopted for the spindle action enhances the durability
  • Environment resistance :
  • Resistance against dust and drips is improved. The signal indicator can be used reliably at sites of processing and assembling
  • The LP type incorporates ?NG/OK/+NG judgment lamps. You can check at a glance whether items pass or fail, even from a distance.


TRI-METRON [2S Series]
2S-100 / 2S-200 / 2S-010 / 2S-010FIIS

  • The dial is large, to allow easy reading
  • Low-priced