SRA-H series

Spot welding robot with built-in cables.

Internal Cables

Cables, etc., used for the welding gun are housed inside of the arm

  • Interference between the cables and peripheral equipment is eliminated
  • Cable behavior during wrist operation is stable, which improves reliability
  • Accuracy of offline teaching is improved
    Simulations including welding cables are possible

Ultra-High-Speed Spot Welding

  • Lighter and more rigid, improved high-speed control technology
    Top-class high-speed welding
Model Number of Axes Load Capacity Maximum Reach
SRA100H 6 100kg 2,654mm
SRA133HL (Long Reach) 6 133kg 2,951mm
SRA220H 6 220kg 2,575mm
SRA220HV (Inverted Mount) 6 220kg 2,575mm