Vitrified bond wheels – for silicon wafer finishing

Nanomate Premium


This wheel demonstrates excellence in reducing damaged layers and strain layers during grinding of brittle materials such as reducing polishing of 300-mm silicon wafers and minimizing cracking of thin device wafers

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Demonstrates excellence in the final mirror finishing and grinding of wafers, lap wafers, and device BG

Superfine diamond and superfine ceramics changed the concept of the grinding wheel. Putting together our cultivated essence of material technology and production technology, we enabled ultrafine grinding.
It demonstrates effectiveness in reducing the damaged layer and strain layer during fragile material machining such as polish reduction of ? 300 mm silicon wafers and cracking suppression of thinning device wafers.



  • High flatness and ultra-smooth grinding realized: GBIR 0.2 μm – Ra 2.5 nm. Depth of damage on ground surface 0.12 μm. Strain layer one tenth of the general purpose resin spec. Grinding of thickness as thin as 3 μm of 300-mm silicon wafers possible.


Ultra-precision surface grinding of various semiconductor wafers



  • Semiconductor/electronics


Work Material

  • Semiconductor material


Processing Method

  • Surface grinding