Auto parts

Servicing automobile parts industry has been at the core of Sumipol for more than 30 years. From metal cutting solutions to precision measurement solutions, our goal is to assist customers increase productivity and improve costs effectiveness.



High-quality products selected from top brands, covering all usage in one place.


To help customers improve production performance we provide an end-to-end service, from consultation through to after-sales support.


Our experienced, professional team work in compliance to high standards to deliver responsive service


Machining Solution
Sumipol provides advice to select the most suitable tools and machines for customers’ applications and requirements. Time-study and cost analysis are used to help design and plan the most effective machining process.
Machining Solution
Line Diagnosis is carried out to identify any problems, followed by process improvement aimed at increasing productivity and reducing time and cost.
Measuring Solution
Advice on selecting appropriate instruments for each measurement function, supported with demonstrations and consultation on correct tool use and maintenance enable full usage potential.
Automation Solution
Process improvement consultation, problem analysis, and production activity design. By combining operational and information technology to automation system, production capabilities can be enhanced


Machining Solutions

Consulting on automation machinery From system installation to actual usage Including choosing the right machinery for your production

Measuring Solutions

Because quality and standards are at the heart of production We choose the use of measuring technology for the most accurate results.

Factory Automation Solutions

Design automation systems that are appropriate for the customer’s production and budgeting needs. Connect production line data with IoT systems in terms of quality, productivity and efficiency.

We are ready to provide service

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