Mitutoyo has introduced its new, High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer, the world’s first micrometer that offers a 0.1 μm resolution measurement. It features Mitutoyo’s patented ABS (Absolute) Rotary Sensor and a rigid frame for stable measurement delivering higher accuracy without sacrificing operability. A constant-force barrel and spindle mechanism eliminates the possibility of overspeed errors. Transference of body heat to the instrument is reduced by use of a heat shield (removable), minimizing errors caused by thermal expansion.


The High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer has a range of features to satisfy all measurement needs, including no origin setting each time the power is turned on, no overspeed errors and a switchable resolution between 0.1/0.5 μm. In addition, this micrometer also supports MeasurLink, SPC and real-time networking (LAN or wireless).