4-flute carbide ball end mill – AE-BM-H

High-efficiency ball end mill that processes high-hardness steel with exceptional efficiency and stability. By adopting the new “DUROREY” coating ideal for high-hardness steel, high chipping resistance is made possible even for work materials exceeding 60 HRC, enabling longer tool life.

  • Newly developed DUROREY coating enables superior heat resistance and high toughness optimized for high-hardness steel milling!
  1. Sharp spiral curve: Reduces cutting resistance and enables stable performance with extended tool life
  2. Secures chip pockets with the center 2-flute specification to control the clogging of chips.
  3. Superior ball R precision
  4. Variable-lead geometry suppresses vibration
Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Tool Steel・Prehardened Steel・Hardened Steel・Stainless Steel・Cast Iron・Ductile Cast Iron・Copper Alloy・Aluminum Alloy・Titanium Alloy・Heat Resistant AlloyLineup
4-flute type for high-efficiency processing (AE-BM-H)
  • R1~R6
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Exhibits superior endurance in high-hardness steel milling. 


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Product Name : 4-flute carbide ball end mill – AE-BM-H