Digital Dial Gauge Displacement Sensors (DIGIMETRON)

These measuring instruments function as a length measuring system that optically detects and digitally displays the travel of a linear-motion spindle or feeler. Unlike dial indicators, there is no mechanism to convert linear displacement into an amount of rotation, which means that highly accurate measurement values can be obtained through the entire measuring range. In addition, the indicating section and detecting section are separate from each other, so they can also be used while incorporated in a machine.

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Digital Dial Gauges
[DIGIMETRON DG Series Detectors]

Resolution of 5 μm and measuring range of 10 mm at a reasonable price. Using optional back mounts enables a variety of designs and measurements. Complies with the EMC Directive (CE Marking).


Digital Dial Gauges
[DIGIMETRON IPD Series Detectors]

  • Very small, box-shaped design. Easily assembled into any machinery. Since origin detection mechanism loaded, eliminates to readjust whenever power is turned off.
  • A unique bottom-positioned design prevents excessive tightening on stem thus eliminates malfunction.
  • IP67 rated.
  • Designed to meet the EMC Directive and the RoHS Directive.
Resolution5 µm
Accuracy5 µm or less
Measuring force1.18N or less
Response speed*11000mm/sec
IP protection level-
Origin position-
WeightApprox. 190g
Cable length2m
Standard attachmentsContact point *2F-201
Rubber bellowsM-132

Non-standard specifications (model, measuring force, etc.) are available upon request.*1 This is the maximum spindle speed at which normal signals can be output.*2 Various other contact points are available.

Optionalextension cableLength2m3m5m10m


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Product Name : Digital Dial Gauge Displacement Sensors (DIGIMETRON)