CNC Contour and Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

continuous top-bottom measurement system

  • High-accuracy stylus type CNC Surface Measuring Instrument that allows simultaneous measurement of surface roughness and form/contour.
  • The X1 axis has a maximum drive speed of 1.57”/s (40 mm/s) and Z2 axis has a maximum drive speed of 7.87”/s (200 mm/s). This permits high-speed positioning that may result in a large increase in the throughput of multiple-profile / multiple work piece measurement tasks.
  • A Mitutoyo Laser Holoscale is incorporated in the X1 axis and Z1 axis so that high resolution (X1 axis: 6.25nm, Z1 axis: 4nm/ 8nm) is achieved and batch measurement of form / contour and surface roughness can be made.
  • The active control method is employed for the Z1-axis detector to implement a wide range measurement capability wherein the variation in dynamic measuring force is restricted.
  • Since the Z1-axis detector incorporates an anti-collision safety device, the detector unit will automatically stop even if its main body collides with a work piece or fixture.
  • For models with the -axis, it is possible to perform continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by power tilting the X1 axis.
  • For models with the Y-axis table, it is possible to expand the measuring range for multiple work pieces, etc., through positioning in the Y-axis direction.
  • Supplied with the easy-to-operate Remote Box, the user can make any movement by selecting the required axis using the two joysticks. The current axis selection is easily identified by the icon on the key top.
  • Uses USB for communicating with the Data Processing / Analysis Unit (optional).
Measuring range / ResolutionX-axis200mm/0.00625μm
Z1-axisStandard stylus: 12mm/0.0008μm, 2Б~long stylus: 24mm/0.0016μm
Indication Accuracy (20 ºC)X-axis(0.16+0.001L) µm L: Measuring length (mm)
Z1-axis± (0.07+|0.02H|) µm H: Measurement height from the horizontal position (mm)
Z2-axis± (1.5+10H/1000) µm H: Z2-axis measurement height (mm)
Measuring forceStandard stylus: 4mN constant, 2Б~long stylus: 0.75mN constant
Drive speedX axis: Max 40 mm/s, Z2 axis: Max 200 mm/s


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