Granite Comparator Stands

Series 215
  • Mitutoyo’s Granite Comparator Stands are basic building-blocks for the assembly of special-purpose, precision measuring equipment.
  • By mounting precision measuring instruments such as Digimatic indicators, Mu-Checker Cartridge Heads, and Linear Gages onto the stands, it is possible to handle all manner of measuring applications.
  • The rigid granite base is free from burrs, pileups, rust, and deterioration over time.

Granite Comparator Stands

Optional Accessories
21JAA329:ø8mm bush
21JAA330:ø9.53mm bush
21JAA331:ø15mm bush
only available for 215-156-10

Order NumberGranite Base SizeColumn TravelStem HoleRemarks
215-151-10150 x 200 x 50mm250mmø8mm, ø9.53mmWith fine adjustment of 1mm range
215-153-10200 x 250 x 80mm260mmø8mm, ø9.53mmWith fine adjustment of 1mm range
215-156-10300 x 250 x 80mm275mmø8mm, ø9.53mm, ø20mmWith fine adjustment over the entire travel


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Product Name : Granite Comparator Stands