GS Solid carbide drills

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Super MultiDrill GS/HGS utilizes a new “J-flute” design with wide chip pockets for excellent chip control and chip evacuation.
In addition, the new “DEX-Coat” exclusively for drills, enables stable and long tool life over a wide variety of work materials and applications.


  • Unparalleled versatility for a diverse range work materials
  • New “J-flute” design achieves stable drilling with excellent chip evacuation
  • Provides stable drilling with no wobbling for small machines.
  • Wide chip pocket evacuates chips formed at the center portion smoothly.


Utilizing “DEX-Coat” exclusively for drills to achieve stable and long tool life


  • Utilizing unique nano-coating technology to create a new generation coating especially for drills to achieve more than double the tool life of conventional coatings.
  • Adding silicon and chrome drastically improve the wear, thermal and adhesion resistance
  • A newly developed composite super multi-layered structure significantly improves chipping resistance (coating strength)


HGS utilizes a double margin design to improve hole accuracy for deep hole drilling


Super MultiDrill WGS features a fine tuned “J-flute” that improves chip breaking capabilities during sheet metal drilling.
Unparalleled cutting edge sharpness minimizes work hardening and utilizing a special double-margin design produces consistent hole accuracy.



Product Name : GS Solid carbide drills