GU Type – Positive M-class chipbreaker

Highly Recommended Versatile Positive Chipbreaker

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GU Type Chipbreaker


Excellent Chip Control in Wide Range of Cutting Conditions

Chipbreaker shape design characterized by a wide chip pocket has improved chip control over a wide range of cutting conditions. This prevents chip jamming during the cutting process and achieves stable machining. In addition to alloy steel, it is also applicable to various work materials, including carbon steel and stainless steel.

Low Cutting Resistance Suppresses Chatter

The chipbreaker shape design controls the expelled chips and serves to reduce cutting resistance and control chatter. This serves to reduce the machining load and achieve stable machining in various applications and conditions.

Improved Fracture Resistance

The double rake shape with excellent sharpness and hardness has improved the fracture resistance. This serves to reduce the frequency of tool change and achieve reduced machining costs.

Enhanced application range over conventional products

Positive GU Type Chipbreaker Application Range


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Product Name : GU Type – Positive M-class chipbreaker