MACH Ko-ga-me-Inline CNC CMM

Mitutoyo Ko-ga-me® is a compact, 3D CNC measuring system that can be flexibly configured to almost any process. Can be used in standalone applications or integrated into work cells. If required, the system can measure workpiece features that exceed the Ko-game’s X stroke by mounting the workpiece, or the Ko-ga-me, on an auxiliary X axis. Ideal for inspection of large or small workpieces and offers a wide choice of measuring probes including touch-trigger, optical and scanning types. (Note: Probe choice may be restricted, depending on the application.)

Measuring range (X, Y, Z)80×80×80mm120×120×80mm
Accuracy*3Max. permissible length measurement errorE0,MPE (ISO 10360-2:2009)19-21ºC: (2.4+5.7L/1000)μm
15-25ºC: (2.7+6.4L/1000)μm
10-30ºC: (3.1+7.2L/1000)μm
10-35ºC: (3.4+7.9L/1000)μm
Repeatability rangeR0,MPL (ISO 10360-2:2009)1.9μm*4
Max. permissible single stylus form errorPFTU,MPE (ISO 10360-5:2010)2.2μm
Maximum permissible error (scanning mode)MPETHP (ISO 10360-4:2000)2.7μm(30s)
Drive speedMax. 200 (1 axis) / Max. 340 (Composition of 3 axes)
Drive accelerationMax. 3900 (1 axis) / Max. 6750 (Composition of 3 axes)


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Product Name : MACH Ko-ga-me-Inline CNC CMM