PC integration middleware to realize communication with automation devices in various equipment

ORiN2 SDK is “PC Integration Middleware” for software development based on the standard middleware specification “ORiN” for factory information system.

With this middleware, users easily control various automation devices and develop equipment information collection systems by using computer general programming languages.
Also, this middleware has development assistance functions to realize connection with various automation devices and integration with other communication standards.









Providing standard interfaces

To make the system development of distributed object technology-supporting systems (such as DCOM, SOAP) easy, two types of standard interfaces are prepared; for application and for device.

Application reuse

Providing a common gateway for different communication specifications improves the reusability of existing application.

Development tool options

OLE (COM, Active-X) -supported development tools are available.
●Visual C++  ●C++ Builder  ●Visual Basic  ●Delphi  ●LabVIEW  ●Excel  etc.

Create original provider

With “Provider Wizard”, users can create original provider for function expansion.


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Product Name : ORiN2 SDK