Step Master Series 516

Step master is a master gage used for the z-axis (vertical direction) calibration of optical instruments.

  • Each adjacent step is measured down to 0.01µm by using a interferometer within ±0.20µm allowance.
  • Steel and ceramic types are available.

Mitutoyo can manufacture Gauge Blocks and reference gages to your size and design, including precision spacers and stepped masters, which normally absorb much time and effort to manufacture in-house. Special
processing including boring, step gaging and special marking is available. Consult us for details.

  • Nominal size range
    · 0.1 mm to 1000 mm (steel)
    · 0.5 mm to 500 mm (ceramic)
    · 5 mm to 1000 mm (low expansion ceramic)
  • Nominal size increment
    · 0.0005 mm (up to 100 mm)
    · 0.001 mm (over 100 mm)
  • Cross section (same as the standard product)
    · Nominal length of 10 mm or less: 30×9 mm
    · Nominal length of more than 10 mm: 35×9 mm
    · Square types are also available.


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Product Name : Step Master Series 516