New scanning probe automatically adjusts to workpiece surface characteristics to deliver highly efficient measurements. With a conventional laser probe, laser intensity and camera sensitivity must be adjusted according to the environment and the workpiece material. In contrast, the SurfaceMeasure 606, which automatically adjusts these factors, enables simpler and more comfortable laser scanning.


  • Working distance: 3.66″(93mm)
  • Max. scan width: 2.36″(60mm)
  • Measuring range: 2.36″(60mm)
  • Scanning error: 12 μm [1σ/ sphere fit]
Item/ModelSurface Measure403 *1SurfaceMeasure606SurfaceMeasure610SurfaceMeasure1010SurfaceMeasure606TSurfaceMeasure201FS
Laser irradiation methodLine Laser (single)Line Laser (cross)Flying spot
Max. scan width40mm60mm60mmMax. 100mm3x65mmMax. 23mm
Max. scan depth30mm60mm100mm100mm65mm15mm
Working distance66mm123mm165mm165mm203.5mm57.5mm
Scanning error *28μm12μm15μm18μm17μm1.8μm
Max. Acquisition rate60,000 points/sec75,000 points/sec3×25,500 points/ sec25,000 points/sec
Laser ClassEN/IECClass2 [ EN/IEC 60825-1(2007) ]
JISClass2 [ JIS C 6802 : 2011 ]
Laser TypeRed semiconductorSemiconductor
Line LaserWave length660nm670nm
Point LaserWavelength-635nm-


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Product Name : SurfaceMeasure-