Tubular Inside Micrometers SERIES 137, 337 – Extension Rod Type

  • Wide range of inside measurements possible by combining extension rods and anvils with the micrometer head.
  • Two types of measuring faces are available; with or without carbide tip. (Order Nos. 337-101/301/302/102/303/304 only available with carbide tip.)
  • The sleeve is rotated to adjust the index line position when setting to a length standard.
  • An inside length standard is required for accurately setting the micrometer.
  • Order No. 337-101/301/302/102/303/304


    • IP65 (water-proof) protection level that enables use in the presence of cutting fluid.
    • A large-character LCD display.
    • Storage of 2 preset values for use when setting to an inside length standard.
    • A function lock that prevents accidental changing of the reference setting during measurement.

Technical Data

  • Accuracy
    • ±( 3 + number of rods + maximum measurement
    • length/50) μm (fraction rounded up)
  • Excluding quantizing error (only for Digimatic)


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Product Name : Tubular Inside Micrometers SERIES 137, 337 – Extension Rod Type