Survey & Analysis, Design as needed

Analyze problems with the factory to determine the automation system that has the desired productivity. Presenting solutions to the problems that are appropriate Design and simulation, proof of concept

Enhance the quality control system in the process to be automated

Design process measurement by using advance sensor technology with high accuracy. To increase reliability, speed, cost, measurement quality and process control Including compiling and displaying in real-time

Synchronize the system and deliver with the Modular Workcell concept

Clear operating period System can be upgraded Continuously increasing the capacity of the system throughout the use due to the use of innovative parts that focus on reducing maintenance. But has a longer service life

Productivity First

We attach importance to increasing production productivity. Is the principle in designing the concept of creating an automated system Which is effective in changing the factors of production, raw materials, machinery, people, cost, safety, environmental management, usage to create maximum value added. To the factory to create the ability to compete in the industry

Perform management according to the factory layout

The management of Sumipol will change depending on the nature of the operating plant. Supports all industries, big or small Including specific industries such as Aerospace, Mold and Die, Packaging. Supporting the whole system Semi-Automation to Full Automation

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