A.L.M.T. (OSAKA Diamond) grinding wheels are widely used in various applications, such as in the automotive and electronics sectors. The company has continuously developed new bonds to enhance the powder bonding processes which increase the grinding performance of various applications. The bonding processes includes


1. Resin Bonded Grinding Wheel.This resin bonded grinding tool with diamond grits has a low Young modulus. It’s superior in regard to their fine surface finish and high grinding performance for hard materials such as cermet, carbide, ferrite and glass.


2. Metal Bonded Grinding Wheel. This grinding wheel is made by bonding diamond grits by sintering metal powder. It features a high wear resistance and long service life for the grinding of hard materials such as cermet, alloys, carbide and HSS, as well as brittle materials such as glass and ceramic.


3. Electroplated Grinding Wheel.bonding the diamond or cBN powder to the surface with an electro galvanized process.


It has superior performance for grinding workpieces of various forms and very small holes, including deep forms such as jigs and fixtures. Today, all these products can be produced in Thailand by A.L.M.T. (Thailand), a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp. In addition, A.L.M.T. (Thailand) also provides special grinding wheels made per customer requirements.