In calibration labs or manufacturing where parameters are tightly controlled, test equipment that is easy to use and features connectivity capabilities will help users perform more efficiently. ALMEMO® measuring instruments, produced by AHLBORN, the world leader in research and development and manufacture of test instruments and sensors from Germany, are highly efficient. These instruments are capable of integrating up to 60 sensors and storing more than 1,000 measured values in one piece of equipment. The instruments feature plug & play capabilities that enable the user to measure and then read the results right away.


Included with the instruments is the AMR Win-Control software, which allows measured values to be displayed graphically in either table, line or bar chart formats. The measured values can also be sent to Excel and LabView in just one click. Additionally, the user can send the measured value back to control the original piece of equipment through the output channel, which can use many connectivity types, such as USB, RS232, Bluetooth and GSM.


One device f its with all sensors
With Plug & Play technology that covers all parameters
Applicable to all display formats; table, line graphs, bar graphs, analog display and digital display
Accessible with all types of connections