If you are talking about leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting tools from Japan, Okazaki is considered as top in the market. Okazaki is an expert in carbide materials and cobalt high-speed steels (MCO) for the production of various types of cutting tools that can be chosen according to requirements, regardless of whether they are side milling cutters for groove cutting and rough cutting, or cobalt high-speed reamers and carbide reamers, that come with both straight grooves and spiral grooves with a straight shank or a taper shank. All of which are available in diameters from 1 mm – 80 mm (in steps of 0.01, 0.1 and standard ). Other than this, Okazaki provides services of designing and manufacturing high-quality special tools for specific applications according to customer needs. These services are provided for drill bits, reamers and endmills, with good value for money.


Okazaki have a genuine understanding and realization that time means money in business; thus, Okazaki has many items in stock for rapid delivery of the products in the catalogue. Okazaki guarantees that all products have high quality according to Japanese standards. Choosing an appropriate drill bit for your workpiece is vital. The Morse Taper Shank Twist Drill is a new, high-quality drill bit from the MCO Drill Series from Okazaki that has been coated using advanced technology. This means that it has greater strength than those currently in the market. It is suitable for drilling both general iron and cast iron. This range of high-quality drill bits can be used in general drilling machines, and are available for use in 3 types according to the characteristics of the work.


1. The TD drill bit has received a Homo Treatment (Steam Oxide) coating, which means that this type of drill bit has a cutting edge that is stronger than ordinary drill bits. The coating technology means the drill bit resists accumulation of debris, and is suitable for use in drilling iron. The drill bits come in a range of diameters from 24 – 120 mm, meaning that the size of the Morse Taper (MT NO.) holder can be chosen so that it fits with the diameter of the drill bit.


2.The TTD drill bit has received Homo Treatment coating, the same as the TD, but has a point angle that has been changed from 118 degree to 160 degrees in order to make it suitable for use in drilling cast iron. This drill bit is available in diameters from 17.5 – 26.5 mm.


3.The TTDG drill bit has been Tin-Coated, which gives it wear resistance from the temperatures that develop during drilling, helping to increase the tool life of the drill. This range of drill bits is suitable for difficult cutting, such as cutting cast iron for machine bases, and is available in diameters of 17.5 – 26.5 mm.