The AML Series of pin gauges, that comes with a 1-cm-long maintenance line as a wear indicator and is available in standard sizes of 3.00 mm. to 10.00 mm. and a +/- 0.8 micron tolerance. The SPA Series and AML Series of pin gauges from SK (Niigata Seiki Co.,Ltd.) demonstrate the company’s one-step-ahead advancement that benefits users in inspecting hole sizes through the use of the wear indicator. When such pin gauges are out of tolerance, the indicator disappears. The pin gauges are produced from a hight-standard Japanese factory and have passed a stress-reliving heat treatment process called “Sub-Zero Treatment” as well as a hardening process that allows them to obtain a hardness of 650 HV for the SPA Series and over 650 HV for the AML Series. thus guaranteeing long life.



The SPA Series features the size markings on the pin gauge to indicate wear and is available in standard sizes of 1.00 to 5.00 mm., with a 0.01 mm. stepping up a +/- 1 micron rolerance according to JIS B7451.