In the production of workpieces according to specified standards, other than using high-quality tools, measurement device is also another crucial factor, especially in the production of delicate workpieces that require high precision levels. The Point Center is a part of the new generation of highly accurate workpiece-position measurement devices from BIG DAISHOWA, which weighs only 100 g. The main feature of the Point Center is that measurement can be carried out repeatedly. The equipment has a tolerance of ±1 µm and is equipped with an LED indicator light in order to indicate the status of the work. Other than this, the Point Center has a positioning ring (standard accessory), which ensures the stylus can securely move along the surface of the workpiece and leads to greater measurement accuracy. The Point Center can work continuously for 20 hours on a lithium BR435 battery. Due to the above features, the Point Center is a new generation of measurement devices that is particularly interesting and suitable for industrial production that requires high levels of accuracy, such as the automotive parts industry


Precise detection of workpiece position in X & Y axes.
• Special carbide stylus ball Prevents corrosion, wear & swarf attachment for precise detection.
• High-sensitive electronic circuit Minimizes influence from electric resistance between machine spindle and workpiece.
• Stainless steel body Avoids rust and subsequent loss of accuracy.
• Overtravel in X & Y axes Protects the unit against damage from collision.
• Compact size with Ø10mm shank