There are a number of factors to be considered in reaming operations, including the material and shape of the tools, workpiece material, machine type and cutting condition. Of all of these criteria, selecting the right reamer plays the most important role in achieving the desired result.


The CER Series from Okazaki are manufactured from a special grade tungsten carbide and designed with new end cutting edges, similar to end mills. Thus, in the case of blinding hole, the end cutting edge can remove the remaining materials out of the hole. In addition, the right helix designs make excellent flow.


The CER Series from Okazaki is available in four designs to match the various applications as follow:

1. CERS(M) Short type: Diameter of 2.95 – 20.00 mm.

2. CERSF Short type TiAlN coating for better wear resistance: Diameter of 3.00 – 12.00 mm.

3. CER(M) Long type for deep hole reaming: Diameter of 2.95 – 12.05 mm.

4. BCER Carbide type with end cutting edge: Diameter of 12.50 – 30.00 mm. All CER Series shanks are designed based on end mill size for convenient usage.