Success in the reaming process for metalworking requires both efficient technique and tools. The reamer, in addition to its high performance, should work well with various types of materials, including offering cost reduction. With this reason, Okazaki has introduced the SP series where SP was stand for special prices and special performance.


The SP Series is produced from carbide. Its micro grain enables a better arranged lattice structure that results in higher tool strength and cutting edge sharpness. Combined with the OK-F coating, the tool offers even higher hardness and two times longer tool life. The user can increase cutting speed up to three times faster, a huge improvement of productivity. The SP Series carbide reamers help save tool costs and minimize machine setup due to less frequent tool changes.


The SP Series from Okazaki is designed with three geometry types; straight flute, left helix flute and right helix flute, with two lengths available for each type. The SP Series is available from Ø3.0~12.0 mm. with a 1.0 mm. pitch. It works fine for a wide range of materials such as structural steels, cast iron, hardened steels, stainless steels, and aluminum alloys etc.