GS-Super-MultidrillGS Super Multidrill – the latest high performance carbide drills with ‘J-flute’ a special design for better chip control and flows. The cutter design ‘double margin’ enhances 8xD with more stable machining and precise drilling and a new coating ‘DEX Coating’ allows better wear resistance. GS Super Multidrill are available in 2-16 mm diameters, suitable for soft iron, cast iron, mild steel and stainless steel.

SMD MultidrillSMD Multidrill- replaceable head drill. A special feature of this design is allowing head drill to be replaced and clamped firmly on a seat pocket. This is an ideal cost saving to replace disposable drills. Thanks to ultra hard DEX coating, the wear resistance is increased. Available in 12-30.5 mm diameter up to 8xD, this SMD Mulitdrill is suitable for drilling high speed steels, cast irons, stainless steels etc.
WDX SumidrillWDX Sumidrill- indexable insert drill. Its excellent feature is the cutting balance, creating rigidity and improve hole finish. Moreover, WDX Sumidrill provides improved stable cuts, optimum chip evacuation and low cutting force. Diameter range is 13-55 mm up to 4XD with four-edged insert, resulting in wide range of materials from general steels to stainless still as well as cast irons.