Since all components are designed and produced specifically for the application, performance is maximized and Mitutoyo optical instruments can be relied upon to produce clear, accurate and bright images.


Drastically Brighter and Clearer Screen Images

‘PJ-H30 series’ Profile Projector dramatically in creasesthe light intensity of a projected image thanks tothe new contour illumination optical system (2 timeshigher than the conventional model in the average intensity of all lenses. Other features include;

• high accuracy measurement above JIS standard

• choice of measuring range in line with market demands

• standard-equipped Turret on all models and

• Quick release mechanism on each axis that enables smooth switching between fast positioning and fine feed


High Versatility & Easy Operation

‘PJ-A3000 series’ Profile Projector are medium-sized models with superior feature of highversatility and easy operation. The easy-to-read digital XY counter is located near the 315mm (12.40”) projector screen to minimize eye movement. And digital readout protractor screen facilitates angle measurement.