Most CNC machine tools and especially drilling tapping machines offer rigid tapping capability as a standard feature. However, during rigid tapping cycles, the machine’s spindle rotation and feed are synchronized to match a specific thread pitch.


As the tap is quickly driving in and out of a hole, some amount of synchronization error is inevitable with rigid tapping. As a result, the discrepancy between the tap’s pitch and the spindle speed and feed can become more articulate, creating thrust loads on the taps. In addition, pitch tolerances on the tap also cause error.


If you are facing with such difficulties in rigid tapping, we have a smart choice for your rigid tapping; simply mechanism but high efficiency. The new alternative is by Big Daishowa, a leader in high precision tooling systems and tool holding solutions, introducing a new holder for synchronous tapping- MEGA SYNCHRO.


The new MEGA SYNCHRO tapping holder is innovated to compensate for synchronization error during rigid tapping. The error compensation is facilitated through a unique mechanism which absorbs the pitch difference between the tap and synchronous spindle. Then, the thrust loads are reduced around 90% at both the tap and the workpiece, as a result, improves thread quality and tap life.


MEGA SYNCHRO is available in a variety of lengths and spindle interfaces to suit any working requirements. Moreover, technical support/ service is fully available to find out the best solution for specific needs.