Mold Polishing to achieve high quality of surface is an important process that requires specific technique, careful attention and the right choice of polishing tools. Here are some of the best hand-held polishing tools for your selecting consideration.


1. CHERRY Mold Polishing Stone Cherry’s hand polishing stones for all types of mold and die steel grades provides excellent surface finish which are available in various kinds of abrasive grain including C, GC, RA, WA, YHA, YHB, YHF, YHZ, YTM, WA-S and YHB-T and fineness range from #80 – #1000. Besides, for specific requirement, made-to-order stones can be served as well. 2.


YANASE MINIKONG NX Yanase’s compact high performance grinder has versatile features such as built-in instantaneous over-current relay, adjustable speeds function and digital screen display. These efficient designs allow easily grinding process performing from start to finish with improving end results. A set comes with a control box, a grinding unit and a foot control pad.

3. YANASE DIAMOND BAR N KIT This is a portable small grinder which is lightweight, but stable, non-vibration, and high precision. The rubber shank allows stable handling and no weariness while working. Its high capability of polishing rust and stain easily and quickly helps reduce grinding time and increase better quality of the mold surface. Each set comprises of 25 diamond grinding heads and a hand-held grinding unit.