With more than 60 years’ experience, Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. (KTC) is an expert in the production of maintenance tools. Most recently, they have released 3 new digital torque wrenches onto the market; the KTC GEK200-W36, the KTC GEK135-W36, and the KTC GEK085-W36. This digital torque wrench has been designed for measuring the forces in tightening various types of bolts, screws, nuts, and hex bolts. This means it can tighten the components of various equipment in saloon cars and motorbikes, as well as some types of equipment in factories. With the tightening force set according to standard, this allows such components to be set up with the maximum durability. This means these nuts and bolts can safely withstand various pressures and strains. These torque wrenches have the highest measuring efficiency due to the built in power sensor within rigid grip. This makes measurement easy, regardless of the work posture and the skill level of the operator. The user can set a value that is suitable for the type of work. They have 3 different working modes and 3 different display options. Another interesting feature is the ability to turn the sound on and off, so as to be able to turn off the sound should it be irritating. Other than this, it has a large, bright LED light, making it easy to read the display.