Rack rolling dies which is a tool for producing gear or threading parts, has gained popularity because there is no scrap and the rolled gears are stronger than the gears machined by metal cutting process Nowadays rack rolling dies is developed to be as precise as those produced on a hobbing machine.


It’s a pity that some manufacturers use rack dies only once then throw it away Based on more than 15 years of technical experience on regrinding of cylindrical rolling dies and flat dies in Thailand, This new service is trained and monitored closely by OSG Japan who is the largest cutting tool manufacturer in Japan and specialized in this field for decades. OSG Thai concerns about this issue and has inaugurated regrinding service for rack dies as well.


Currently, OSG Thai provides rack dies regrinding service for both OSG rack dies and other brands. Customers have to identify the work details to OSG Thai, so that the tailor-made rack dies are made accordingly. Then the rack dies’ teeth will be ground and their teeth will be braced up to align the height evenly. Each time of regrinding, the materials are ground around 2.0-3.5 mm or more depending on the wear amount. Thus, the regrinding can be done up to 4-5 times or more. This is to maximize the existing resource and minimize production cost as the cost of regrinding is much lower than a brand-new purchase.


Using rack dies only once and throwing away must be reconsidered because the thrown-out metal scraps can be reused in the same way as a new product does, once it gets reground.Besides, OSG Thai also has a brand-new rack dies manufacturing service that offers the premium quality as same as the products made from the headquarters in Japan.