The Crysta-Plus M — manual CMM from Mitutoyo, is an intelligent alternative to complex and cost-intensive measuring machines or conventional measuring tools. As a high performance manual 3D coordinate measuring instrument, Crysta-Plus M is self centering despite various types of measurements and materials.


Combining all capabilities of various measuring instruments in a single machine,,.making.enormous savings.on.the.purchase.and.the.usage throughout its lifespan based on good maintenance. The distinctive features include;


1. High Accuracy Developed as a low-cost, user friendly CMM without compromising on accuracy by offering the length measuring accuracy is 3.5 µm.

2. High Resolution Dustproof Glass Scales Equipped with high precision dustproof glass scales with a resolution of 0.5 µm. This makes the machine particularly suitable for use in a harsh environment.

3. Air Bearings on All AxesSelf-adjusting air bearings on all axes allow the machine to move its probe smoothly with better speeds and precision.

4. One-Touch Air ClampSimply push the appropriate switch at the foot of the column to provide air clamp on all axes. This allows workpieces to be quickly and easily measured.

5. Stably Constant Grip A constant grip is mounted at the end of the probe holder’s Z-axis, with its shock-absorbing design that reduces the impact of any rough handling by inexperienced operator and minimize vibration for better repeatability.

6. Powerful and User Friendly Software The MCOSMOS is high performance measurement software. All the functions are demonstrated by icons or scroll-down menus, freeing users from remembering complex code numbers.