When choosing a tool for measuring the hardness of workpiece, the user should not only consider accuracy, but also ease and flexibility.


Mitutoyo, a world leading manufacturer of measuring tools from Japan, has presented the HM-200 model hardness tester, which is easy to use with many functions. The hardness of a variety of materials can be tested, including ceramics. Mitutoyo’s HM-200 has been designed with consideration for ease of use. The user can set up to 4 lenses with the turret mechanism,which can be turned to change the lenses both manually and automatically. The equipment can be operated with just a touch of the control board. For the lenses, they have been designed for a suitable distance and there is no need to worry that the lens will hit the measured workpiece. The application of the latest electromagnetic force motor used in the loading mechanism of the HM-200 has enabled the user to set the testing forces from 0.4903 mN to 19610 mN.