In the process of measuring workpiece, which has many complicated steps and dimensions, understanding, particularity and the attitude of the employee carrying out the measuring all have an effect on the correctness and efficiency of the measuring system. Thus, Mitutoyo has developed the USB Input Tool Direct and U-Wave in order to reduce errors in and increase the efficiency of the measuring system.


USB Input Tool Direct : USB-ITN The formerly used steps in the measurement of a workpiece, which comprised of measurement, reading off the value, recording the value and feeding the data into a computer program such as Excel or Notepad, provide plenty of opportunity for error. But these problems will disappear with the use of the USB Input Tool Direct. USB Input Tool Direct from Mitutoyo consists of a 2 meter-long cable with a plug on one end (the type of plug depends on the specific type of measuring instrument – A-G in the image), which fits into the measuring instrument. The other end has a USB head for the USB port of a computer. Using the USB Input Tool Direct is not difficult: just press the switch on the plug and the measurement data will be instantly input into the Excel or Notepad program on the computer. The USB Input Tool Direct can be used with all general Windows operating systems, from Windows.7, Vista, XP SP2 or 2000, without the need to upload a driver as it is already Windows compatible.


U-WAVE In order to avoid the problem of measuring workpieces where there are obstacles to the use of automatic measuring device cables for the transmission of data to a computer, Mitutoyo has produced the U-Wave, which provides wireless transmission of measurement data, in order to increase ease of measurement and measuring ability. The U-Wave works by sending data via radio waves, and consists of the U-Wave-T, which transmits the measuring data and the U-Wave-R, which receives the data and inputs it into either a worksheet or Notepad for results analysis. One U-Wave-R can be used with up to 100 U-Wave-T and up to 16 U-Wave-R can be attached to one USB port. The U-WAVE-T and U-WAVE-R have no problem in receiving data from up to 20 meters away. On the U-Wave-T there is an LED and a buzzer, which alert the user when receiving data. Other than this, it has been designed for IP67-level protection against dust and water. Additionally, the equipment uses easily obtainable CR2032 lithium batteries (which have a battery life of approximately 10 months).