When choosing endmill for milling process, users need to consider a variety of factors,including toughness,accuracy and quality of the tool. Other than this, heat dissipation is also considered as an important factor. This is because this can help the cutting tools to have a longer working life. This will have an effect on the working efficiency and help reduce costs. OSG, therefore, presents the Deep Feeder Bull Nose Endmill Series (PHX-DFR) in order to meet these requirements. The PHX-DFR has an accuracy of +/-0.03 mm. In addition, they have a high level of efficiency in deep of cutting, which is often a problem that users constantly encounter. This is concerned from the chatter of the machine or hard to machining materials. Other than this, this range of endmill cutters have been designed to have longer cutting edges, which produces thinner chip. This has the result of making heat dissipation easier and the workpiece is then less affected from the buildup of heat. For endmill with a diameter of more than 6 mm with large chip pockets, the user can increase the feed rate by 120% to 300% depending on the workpiece material. Thus, when the feed rate is adjusted to a suitable level depending on the surface area to be cut, this will allow increased production efficiency. This means that output and quality of workpieces is increased. The PHX-DFR endmill series from OSG use the efficiency of an existing machine to develop the highest levels of value without the need to purchase a new machine.