With current developments in production process and products,manufacturers need to use molds that have a high level of both strength and wear resistance. This means that even harder materials are needed as raw materials. Thus, in the production process, regardless of whether it is drilling or tapping, the manufacturer needs to use tools that are efficient and suitable for the materials of the workpiece. This ensures a quality workpiece and efficient use of time during production. OSG has thus introduced 3 drills, the WH55-5D, WHO55-5D, WH70-DRL and the WH55-OT tap in order to carry out mold making and other general work that uses very hard materials. Each model has characteristics that allows it to deal with the hardness of the materials and other working characteristics. The WH55-5D is for drilling injection molds and die-casting dies. This drill bit is suitable for materials up to the hardness of 55 HRC. The WHO55-5D helps to increase the working life of drill bits with an internal coolant supply. This drill is suitable for materials with the hardness of up to 55 HRC. The WH70-DRL drill is especially suitable for very hard materials. It can drill materials with the hardness of up to 70 HRC with its specially designed cutting edge geometries that allow stable drilling. It has been given a special coating to increase its working life. The WH55-OT tap is suitable for materials with the hardness of up to 55 HRC and helps with stable tapping of very hard materials. This means that users do not need to be worried about even when using water-soluble coolant.