Materials used in aerospace applications have been changing dramatically in recent years. Among composite materials, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) is becoming especially important.Machining CFRP has its own difficulties including rapid tool wear and delamination. Moreover, as for the metal aerospace components, the amount of titanium is also used increasingly, from 6-4Ti to β-Ti. Machining these materials becomes even more difficult. Responding to such challenges, OSG has been committed for many years to produce cutting tools for the aerospace industry,serving not only in Japan, but also the US, Canada, Brazil and Europe. OSG has started engaging in newly developed materials such as CRFP and β-Ti since 1990 and offered numerous types and styles such as PCD tools,electroplated tools, carbide tools with variety of coatings for titanium, DLC coated tools for aluminum alloys, and HSS special order tools. BLUE UPDATE presents the latest development of OSG’s products, being dedicated to the aerospace application in particular.


OSG’s Specialization in Aerospace Application Diamond Solutions

Diamond Coated RouterVarious styles for form cutting (trimming) of CFRP e.g. a multi-flute type with nicks for high efficiency, herrinbone-flute type for reducing cutting resistance, a surface finish-focused type and more.

PCD Electroplated ToolsIn addition to the PCD end mills and electroplated tools, PCD Drills are available on special order basis.

Circular InterpolationThis is dedicated tools for hole machining using circular interpolation on Machining Centers or specialized machines for circular milling.

Dedicating Solutions for CFRP (with OSG’s patented diamond coating)
Milling SolutionNew end mill series for CFRP with herringbone flute design coupling with OSG’s patented diamond coating allows sharper cutting edge,prolonging tool life and producing superb surface finish.

Drilling SolutionOSG’s CFRP drills are the right combination of sharpness, high-resistance design and magnificent diamond coating, ensuring maximum performance.

Composite Solution
รู New flute form of two types of composite drills;one for eliminating delamination around the outlet of holes and the other is for eliminating delamination both the inlet and outlet of holes. The new flute form reduces and disperses cutting force, resulting in exceptional hole quality.

Patented Diamond Coating Solution: Ultra Fine Crystal Diamond Coating

Patented Diamond Coating SolutionOSG’s new patented diamond coating innovation is made from ultra fine diamond crystals in an innovative new process. It will give a better surface finish and performance.

Customization Solutions: Special Tools

Customization Solution Special ToolsOther OSG’s custom tools are specially made up to individual requests including double-angled drill, corner-rounded drill, brad point drill, drill for stacked Titanium and aluminum plates – and more up to individual applications.