Having components for various industries with highly precise and accurately drilled holes is a standard that manufacturers should consider as the most important. Thus, measurement devices for the inspection of hole diameters must be accurate and of high quality. The Pin Gauge and Ring Gauge from SK have been well known and accepted as having high levels of precision and accuracy for a long time. SK has continuously developed their measurement tools. Lately, there has been the launch of the SPA Series Pin Gauge Set, which can be effectively used in conjunction with the Aluminum Pin Vice measurement tool.



SPA Series Pin Gauge Set The SPA Series Pin Gauge Set is a set of diameter measurement tools. It provides value for money and high quality, and is suitable for use in the electronics industry, computer industry, mold-making industry, automotive industry and others. Its features include the ability to accurately measure tiny holes and can be used in conjunction with many other measurement devices. The SPA Series Pin Gauge Set has an accuracy of ±1 µm, a roundness of 1.0 µm, cylindricity 0.5 µm, a length of 50 mm, and includes a rigidity of over HV650. This set is available from SPA-1A until SPA-5B (1 mm – 6 mm, and with a step of 0.01) as appropriate.

Aluminum Pin Vice The Aluminum Pin Vice is a Pin Gauge holder with a special resin collet. Its benefit is that as it is soft, it does not create scratches on the pin gauge or cause deformities after repeated gripping of the pin gauge.