U-Wave® enables easy wireless data com munication from a measuring tool to a PC using the Digimatic protocol. Measurement workability is improved by eliminating the long and cumbersome data cables usually required and the uer-friendly interface allows data to be loaded into any software product that accepts keyboard input, such as Excel* or Notepad


with a cordless range of up to 20 Meters, the system increa ses the flexibility of measurement data recording in a wide variety of situations.With U-Wave®, the measurement station and PC no longer need to be adjacent, thus enabling more freedom in determining the layout of inspection facilities and shop floor areas. Also, since the U-Wave® is free of cable-to-PC constraints, operators can perform measurement on large work pieces with greater agility. And, by eliminating cabling issues, the U-Wave® is ideal for use with long measuring tools which may require special care in handling – thus improving the operator’s data capture throughput.In operation, the U-Wave-T sends Digimatic tool’s output (the U-Wave-T may plug directly into the Digimatic port or attach via a short cable) and sends it to the UWave-R which loads data into Excel or SPC software via included U-Wavepak software.The IP67-type U-Wave-T is dust and water ingress protected and can be used in combination with otherIP67-rated metrology tools for use in demanding production floor environments. Up to 100 measuring tools can be connected via one U-Wave-R while up to 16 U-Wave-Rs can be connected using commercially available USB hubs.New system improves measuring workability, thus help overcome the challenging or impossible applications in the past. It indeed response to the flexibility need on high demanding measuring jobs on the shop floor.