SURFTEST SV-3100 Series

Surface Roughness Measuring System

Improve total throughput and perform highly accurate surface roughness measurement with best-in-class positioning speed and precision

Powerful Support for Greater Efficiency in Surface Roughness Measurement!


Shorter measurement time

Drive unit (X-axis): 80mm/s, column (Z2-axis): 20mm/s

  • The faster drive speed shortens the total measurement time.

Auto-leveling table (optional)

  • Leveling is performed automatically even for complex measurement surfaces, dramatically reducing setting time.


Eliminate human error

Column (Z2-axis) incorporates an ABS (absolute origin) scale

  • Improved repeatability for operations such as continuous automatic measurement of small holes in the vertical direction or repetitive measurement of difficult-to-position parts.

Additional automation can be achieved using a Y-axis table and a rotary table (optional)

  • Automatic measurement of large numbers of parts one at a time or many parts at different locations on the worktable can be performed by attaching accessories such as a Y-axis table and a rotary table to dramatically reduce the manual workload.


High durability

Ceramic guides

To ensure that the drive unit (X-axis) maintains its straightness for a long time, the tester uses ceramic guides that have excellent wear characteristics and minimal deformation over time. The use of ceramic also provides a maintenance-free design because lubrication with oil to prevent corrosion is not required.


Product Name : SURFTEST SV-3100 Series