Dial Test Indicators – Universal Type

Series 513

  • Universal application for all directions.
  • Not only the direction of the measuring point, but also the direction of measurement itself can be adjusted 360 degrees without moving the indicator.

Dial Test Indicators - Universal Type


Order No.DescriptionGraduationRangeAccuracyDial ReadingMeasuring Force
513-302GBasic set.0005in.03in±.0005in0-15-00.3N or less
513-302GTFull set.0005in.03in±.0005in0-15-00.3N or less


Order No.DescriptionGraduationRangeAccuracyDial ReadingMeasuring Force
513-304GEBasic set0.01mm0.8mm8µm0-40-00.3N or less
513-304GTFull set0.01mm0.8mm8µm0-40-00.3N or less



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Product Name : Dial Test Indicators – Universal Type