DMSW series – High-Feed Cutter for Rough Milling

SEC-Sumi Dual MillDMSW series for ultra-high-feeds and large depths of cut. High-Productivity High-Feed Cutter for Rough Milling.

DMSW Series

General Features


  • Complex arc-shaped cutting edge achieves a smaller cutting angle and a larger depth of cut simultaneously.High-efficiency machining at maximum feed rate per tooth of 3.5mm/t is possible.



  • Economical double-sided insert with 6-corner specification. Reassuringly thick at 7mm.

  • Even at high feedrates of 2.0mm/t or more, a reasonable surface finish can be attained without a wiper insert.


  • Small cutting angle controls cutting force toward the back force direction
    Suppresses chatter in long tool overhang machining, increasing efficiency


  • Capable of significantly higher feed per tooth rates compared with shoulder milling or face milling tools, thus reducing machining time.
  • Capable of increasing efficiency even in situations where low rigidity prevents a large axial depth of cut.


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Product Name : DMSW series – High-Feed Cutter for Rough Milling