LINEAR HEIGHT – High Performance 2D Measurement System

World’s best-in-class accuracy 2D measurement system

A sophisticated height gage offering exceptional accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)μm* (* L = measured height in mm)

World-class accuracy

● Achieved accuracy: (1.1 + 0.6L/600) μm
Best-in-class accuracy has been achieved by using a high-accuracy scale unit and high-accuracy guiding mechanism manufactured in our dedicated scale plant. Displacement accuracy when measuring a height of 600mm: 1.7 μm


Superior ease of operation

● Easy operation with a single touch of a key
Each frequently-used measurement type is initiated by one dedicated icon-type command key.
Even a novice can immediately start measurement without instruction.

● Color TFT LCD
This has improved legibility and operability.

● Unlimited USB memory
Compatible models support more than 2 GB of USB memory.

● High-accuracy air suspension assists measuring
The Linear Height can can move without friction over a surface plate using an air bearing incorporated in the base, powered by the small built-in compressor.

A semi-floating mode is also provided that allows measurement with the gage barely floating with no influence on the measuring accuracy.
This mode is effective in operations such as scanning measurement of a hole or shaft on a large workpiece and displacement measurements performed while moving the gage. Additionally, the power grip model (518-352-10 LH600EG) has improved handling operability.


Numerous functions and options

●Powerful measurement/calculation functions
Numerous types of measurement such as displacement/ straightness/squareness are possible in addition to basic measurement functions including height and circle measurement.
This gage is also equipped with the 2D measurement function, tolerance judgment function, and others.

●Standardization of measuring procedures
Teaching the gage a series of measuring operations for a workpiece is possible (Repeat function). This function is very effective when measuring large batches of workpieces. Upon execution of the Repeat function, the probe automatically moves to the next measurement position (height). If an operation procedure manual is available, measurement can be standardized.

●Supporting quality control with statistical processing functions GO/NG judgment is performed real-time on measured data. Up to 60,000 pieces of data can be stored in the database, on which can be performed various statistical calculations such as average, standard deviation and process capability. Quality control is also supported by graphic display of histograms.

●Highly capable data processing unit
The high-performance CPU supports future software upgrading.
Measurement results are output in CSV format, thus allowing users to reuse those results with their own software.

●Versatile external interfaces
A printer interface is provided, which is installed in the main unit to connect a thermal printer or A4 size printer. The USB interface allows a USB memory to back up and restore part programs and measured data that have been stored.
Moreover, the RS-232C interface can output measurement results to an external device such as a PLC (Power Line Communications).

●Numerous optional probes
This gage is provided with various types of probes and interchangeable styli flexibly compatible with complicated workpiece profiles and various measurement features. Mitutoyo’s lineup of options offers various interchangeable styli for ø5 ball probes, depth probes, dial indicator holders, etc.
The optional probes extend their flexibility with an M2/M3 threaded shank that allows various CMM styli to be attached.


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Product Name : LINEAR HEIGHT – High Performance 2D Measurement System