NVX Series – Vertical Milling

The NVX 2nd Generation vertical machining centers achieve world’s highest accuracy, with a meticulous attention to details and technical ingenuity. Offering unparalleled high-precision machining, the machines can handle a wide variety of workpieces in any industry, allowing itself to be the ideal choice for customers machining various kinds of workpieces or those considering diversifying into new fields.

Best-ever high-precision vertical machining center

1. Optimized machine construction ensures high rigidity and high precision machining.
2. Superb cutting performance achieved with high performance spindles, speedMASTER and
3. Best surface quality – highest accuracy for any machining operations
4. Unprecedented rigidity and accuracy with Ultimate hybrid structure

Unprecedented Rigidity and Accuracy – Ultimate Hybrid Structure
  • Super-wide slideways (X- / Y-axis) to minimize quadrant projection
  • High-rigidity roller guides (Z-axis)
  • Optimized column shape substantially reduces thermal displacement
Best Chip Disposal Solution in the Industry
  • Coolant tank for collecting casting sludge (option)
  • Through-spindle coolant system (unit on coolant tank) <option>
  • Chip conveyor (internal, spiral type) <option>
Pursuit of Usability
  • Accessibility –  excellent access to the table and a wide door opening
  • Loading and unloading with a crane – the ceiling part also opens
  • Replacement of spindle unit – the spindle unit to a cartridge which even includes the rear bearings,
Outstanding Machining Capability Unmatched High-performance Spindle
  • World’s Best Spindle Technology
  • No. 40 taper spindle achieves overwhelming high-speed machining (speedMASTER)
  • Stable high-accuracy machining made possible by drastically improved spindle run-out accuracy (speedMASTER)
  • No. 50 taper spindle achieves overwhelming heavy-duty cutting (powerMASTER)
  • Thermal expansion compensation by Spindle Growth Sensor (powerMASTER)

NVX 5080 2nd Generation - Vertical Milling

Technical Data

Up to

Max. X travels1540 mm
Max. Y travels760 mm
Max. Z travels660 mm
Max. table load2000 kg
Table size1700 x 760 mm


  • CELOS: The App-based control and operating system
  • Exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles available
  • ERGOline 21.5″ Multi Touch Panel with CELOS and MAPPS V

  • Robot system
  • 2-station APC (shuttle-type)



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Product Name : NVX Series – Vertical Milling